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“I’m your dental guide. I’ll tell you all available treatment options and their pros and cons, so that you can decide the best option for you.”

Dr. Charles Kim immigrated from South Korea at the age of 14 and always knew he wanted to help people. His sister and brother-in-law were dentists, and he admired the relationships they built with patients.

After working as an electrical engineer for two years, he decided to pursue his dental career. Now with over 20 years of experience, his favorite parts of being a dentist are getting people out of pain, promoting better wellness, and seeing patients’ expressions when the job is well done.

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  • Dentist since 1998
  • Dedicated to serving others through high-quality dentistry at Gentle Smile Dentistry and through volunteer work

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Get to Know Dr. Charles Kim
We’re all about connections at our practice so here are some fun tidbits about Dr. Kim.
  • Interests outside of the office?
    Dr. Kim enjoys serving others through dental mission trips to Mexico and was previously a volunteer at Puget Sound Christian Dental Clinic.

    He’s also an avid tennis player, pickleball player, and photographer.

  • Ultimate hero?
    Our dentist has two heroes.

    1. Roger Federer because he’s the greatest tennis player of all time and has given back so much through philanthropy.

    2. Frank Spear, a world-renowned dentist from Seattle, who has contributed greatly to the field of dentistry.

  • Best day ever?
    Dr. Kim believes there have been so many wonderful days in his life: when he was born when he met his wife, when he graduated, and when his children were born. However, he considers it the best day of his life today.

    Today, he gives his best in everything he does, whether doing dentistry, playing tennis, talking to an emergency patient, or interacting with a person behind the counter.

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